Sunday, July 09, 2006
  some stuff to look at

So, those are only some of the beautiful fibers i have gotten thus far. I cant wait until the knitting store that i work at starts to carry more unique fibers. But anywho......... and those are just some of the things ive spun. So, thats all for now. <3
Saturday, July 08, 2006
ello, its me, lauren, im bored already. everyone should hook me up with some friends. that would be cool. dig it? later

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Im Lauren. Im the kid who slacked off in the beginning of high school but turned around and made a comeback. I didnt know i had potential, but Im 16 and attend a university. Im proud of that. I like what I do, i do what i love, and i love corey r. Hes my boyfriend of over a year, but we're just starting. im sarcastic and blunt, but im also super hyper around other hyper people and i shut up around the shy. Strange.

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